The SXSW Stolen Manifesto

Arena Media introduces “The SXSW Stolen Manifesto”: a manifesto created from quotes we gathered during our attendance at the festival. A vision of communication and the future through the prism and words of the speakers.

An original idea of the Transmedia department of Arena Media Barcelona.

Note: We apologize if we have made some mistakes assigning the authors of every quote.

Arena Media

Arena Media is one of the leading communication and media companies in the Spanish market. It is one of the first agencies of our country in terms of knowledge, attractiveness and exemplariness according to data published in the AgencyScope 2016 produced by Scopen.

Its area of expertise is based on activating integrated communication strategies which surprise both the advertisers and the audiences of the brands the company works for. More than 50 clients trust Arena Media. These are leading companies in different fields such as: Grupo Santander, Gas Natural Fenosa, Orange/Jazztel, Grupo Damm, Grupo Agrolimen, Grupo Correos, Grupo Zena, LG or Grupo Planeta.

The projects developed by Arena Media are acknowledged year after year for its effectiveness and innovation. For this reason, the Company has been chosen as the Best Media Agency on 3 occasions by the Asociación Española de Anunciantes (Spanish Association of Advertisers) in 2016, 2011 and 2010. Likewise, Arena outstanding by the creativity and innovation of its projects, which have been awarded in different creative contests of the industry: El Sol, FIAP, El Ojo, Cannes, Club de Creativos (Anuarios CdeC), IAB (Premios Inspirational), etc.

The focus on brand content creation of Arena Media has also contributed to its acknowlegment as the most outstanding Branded Content Agency on Spain, according to the ContentScope 2017 study carried out by Grupo Consultores.

Arena Media was founded in the year 2,000 and both Grupo Santander and Havas Media Group have shares in the company. The team of Arena Media España consists of 200 professionals divided into its two offices in Madrid and Barcelona who work with daily involvement for solving the challenges brands face. All the members of the team work with honesty, curiosity, generosity and non-conformism. In 2017 the company was acknowledged as Best Place to Work in Barcelona.

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